Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

All work is carried out to the very highest standards to give your wheels a long-lasting finish you'll love.
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Our Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Process

Customers are able to bring a single alloy wheel for us to process or their entire car. We are happy to remove your wheels and tyres, paint your alloys, then replace tyres, balance your wheels and mount them back on to your car – a complete service.

Silver Wheels do not simply provide spot repairs or temporary patches, we provide the best finish in the market place today. We can also complete repairs of buckled or chipped wheels.
We strip wheels of all existing paint and then prepare the surface for the specialist paint process. We apply a hard wearing base coat, a colour and then a specialist Acrylic top coat designed to protect your final finish.Very few other companies offer this level of paint application, so make sure this is what you pay for.

We can bring your wheels back to manufacturer specifications or we can change your colour! Have you ever considered Matt black? Gloss black? White or something a little more funky?

Not only do we offer the highest quality of workmanship, warrantied for 12 months, we offer a fast turn around of service, even up to a premium of a 8 hour time period to complete a full set of 5 wheels.

Return to OEM Finish

1-3 WHEELS: If you have damaged fewer than four wheels on your vehicle, there are a couple of issues to bear in mind. We use exactly the same process on your wheels as the main automotive manufacturers, which allows us to offer excellent colour matches.

Because the gloss levels of your wheels will deteriorate over time, we cannot offer to match the gloss levels of an older wheel. In this case we recommend having wheels refurbished in even numbers down the same side of the vehicle.  So if you only want a couple done, we would advise placing both wheels down one side of the vehicle. This ensures that any visible discrepancy in the gloss levels will be kept to a minimum.

4 WHEELS - The best effect will be achieved if all four wheels are refurbished at the same time, as this ensures that all gloss levels are the same and the colours will then all reflect the same in daylight.



We have over 30 colours in the standard colour range, if you are unable to find what you are looking for you are feeling daring, please check out our specialist range as we have a large selection of specialised finishes which we are sure you will love!

Split Rims

Split Rims

Split rims are a popular due to the options available to create a distinctive appearance, they are either two parts or three parts. You can combine diamond cutting the lips with any paint finish or even have 2 different paint finishes- the choice is yours!

You can choose from diamond cut to any of the specialised or standard finishes.

If you are unsure if you have split rims wheels please contact the office direct.

Classic Cars

Classic car wheels can present more of a challenge due to their age, which can cause potential issues that can limit just how far we can go with the refurbishment or to what level finish we can achieve.

We would advise coming in for an inspection for your wheels or send us some photos, and this way we can determine what is achievable.


Wheel Straightening

Have you been advised your wheel is buckled due to pothole damage? Experiencing vibration? Uneven tyre wear? Failed MOT? You may have a buckled wheel!

This happens when the wheel takes an impact you can’t avoid, which will cause the wheel to distort. No matter how big or small the damage is, if it isn’t repaired it could affect the on-going health of your vehicle. Sometimes the vehicle will be unsafe to drive until the repair is completed.

Once we have completed our inspection we can advise if the wheel is repairable or whether we need to help you source a new wheel.

Welding Cracked Alloys

Have you been advised you have a cracked wheel? Losing pressure? Failed MOT?

You could have a cracked wheel! We are able to weld cracks, splits or replace missing chunks.

This happens when the wheel takes an impact you can’t avoid so pop in for an inspection and we can advise if your wheel is repairable.

Please note that welding a cracked wheel is advised as an option of last resort. If you are unable to source a new wheel, then we can repair your old one but this does leave a potential weak point on your wheel. This does have the potential to fail at the same point if the wheel suffers another impact. Please speak to our team if you have any questions.


Tyre Replacement

Replacing your tyres at the same time as refurbishment has the potential to save you money. If you are due to replace your tyres, then bring your new ones with you and we will fit them at the same time for no extra cost.

We check all tyres on the vehicle before the refurbishment process starts, and will always advise if there are any defects, supplying replacements if required.

Any Questions?

Please give us a call and our friendly team will be happy to advise you and work out exactly what you need.

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