Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

Diamond Cutting gives a striking and spectacular finish to your wheels. For extra drama choose a contrasting colour to the side face of the spoke.
Diamond Cut purple Alloy on Mustang
Diamond Cut BMW Alloy

How Diamond Cutting Works

Wheels manufactured with a diamond cut finish are becoming increasingly popular because of the stylish finish they provide, with most manufacturers either offering them as upgrades or as a standard option.

A diamond cut wheel can be identified by the polished finish on the front face of the spoke and another colour on the side face of the spoke. This second colour can be a silver, which can then make the polished face hard to spot.

Refurbishment of a diamond cut wheel is carried out in the normal way, up to the point that the colour has been applied to the wheel. Then it is loaded into a specialist machine, that lathes the front faces of the spokes using diamond tipped tools – hence the term diamond cutting.

Silver Wheels are the first company in Dorset to be able to offer this service all completed in house. Turn-around time is generally 2 days.

Costings are determined by wheel size.

Please contact us if you have a project that requires diamond cutting, or if you simply need your alloy wheels refurbished.

Any Questions?

Please give us a call and our friendly team will be happy to advise you and work out exactly what you need.

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